Our Mission

Inspiring everyone to live the homeschool way of life by demystifying the process and being a resource for our homeschool community.

We believe homeschooling is not just a label—it’s a lifestyle. Your homeschooling journey can begin anywhere, at any point in life—pre-school through high school, college, and the workplace. Whether you are just beginning, on the journey for years, or merely curious about the adventure of “learning outside the classroom,” we hope to provide you with stories and resources that demystify and support you with homeschooling.

Independent doesn’t mean unsupported! You aren’t alone. Along with our Resources [LINK] page, our site shares lesson ideas, homeschool hacks, and real-life homeschooler experiences to assuage your worries.
Rest assured:

Your child will find friends!

Your child will be fluent in math and science!

You and your child will survive college!

You and your child will gain competitive workforce skills!

While oriented towards unschooling, we provide resources and methods to facilitate all learning styles. After all, one of the greatest strengths of homeschooling is choosing to learn the way best suited for you!